August 2021 Newsletter       

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CANCELLED: August 22nd – Joyful Noise Sing-A-Long & Young @ Heart 

Important Save the Dates

September 2nd – October 28: Financial Peace University

Starting September 2nd, Highlands United Methodist Church will be hosting a 9 week Financial Peace University Class lead by Pastor Kevin. These classes will be on Thursdays at 6pm. They will include a video presentation followed by a guided discussion.  Additionally, there will be work for individuals and couples to do between sessions.  
What is Financial Peace University?
Financial Peace University is a nine-lesson course that teaches you how to save for emergencies, pay off debt fast, spend wisely, and invest for your future. And no financial blah blah blah over here, just commonsense, biblical money principles that work. Every time.
How much does Financial Peace University cost?
Financial Peace University is an exclusive feature of a Ramsey+ membership—an all-access membership to the life-changing tools and content that will help you take control of your money for good. You can get a three-month membership for $59.99, a six-month membership for $99.99, or a 12-month membership for $129.99.  (If cost is an issue, talk to Pastor Kevin. Scholarships may be available.)

For more information about the program, visit

Contact the church office if you’re interested in registering for this class. 


October 9th – 31st Annual Fish Fry

The Fish Fry will be here before we know it!
If you’d like to get involved in the planning of this year’s Fish Fry, please contact the office or get with Roy Stanley.


Pastor’s Page

Greetings HUMC Family,

This month I have been reflecting on what it means to be a Christian.  What does it mean to serve?  What does it mean to be the body of Christ? What does it mean to tithe, or to pray, or study?  How much is enough?  The answer is not that simple. 

While pondering this, I have reflected on the singular reason that we should do any of these things.  The reason we give, serve, study, and work as the body of Christ, is because we have been given a gift that we could never repay.  Jesus Christ, fully God and fully human, came to earth for one purpose.  He came to save. 

Now, there are some deep theological implications when we discuss that, but suffice it to say, the Creator of the universe looked down on His creation and decided to become the sacrifice for the sin we could not refrain from doing.  God loves us so much that He would die for us.  I recently spoke with an individual that almost died from COVID pneumonia.  She had several respiratory issues before contracting the virus that contributed to her condition, but she is here today because some person that she does not know, after defeating the virus themselves, gave their plasma that contained the antibodies that fight COVID.  That donation was given to her, and she is here today because of it. 

When I was speaking to her the other day, she told me that now that it has been nine months since she tested negative, she was going to give her plasma as often as they will let her so that she could help others the way she was helped.  I know that if she could meet the person that gave the plasma that saved her life, she would do anything within her power to thank that individual for taking the time to donate. 

What would you do for someone that had saved your life?  Well, this is exactly what God did for us.  He saved our eternal life.  He changed our destiny and gave us life by becoming a sacrifice for our sins on the cross.  This is why we give.  This is why we serve.  This is why we pray, and tithe, and study the word of God.  This is why we are charitable.  It is not because people need it, even though they do, it is because of what God did for us.  This is what it means to be a Christian. 

As we fight the heat of the summer and as we get closer to the fall, it is my prayer that the people of Highlands United Methodist Church will come together to be the Body of Christ for the community of Highlands, Texas.   It is my prayer that we will be a church that gives more than just money.  It is my prayer that the people of this church become change makers in the lives of those surrounding them and this church.  We are changed by Christ, the least we can do is to offer that change for others. 

May God Bless You Always,
Pastor Kevin

Welcome Our New Members!

Art & Ginny Sands
Joe & Savannah Leal
Chris & Jessica Moore
Rick & Tommie Stanley
Theodore Ryan
Cherryl Whatley
Jacob Woodall
Mary Woodall

Did you know you never have to miss a sermon?

That’s right! We stream our services live on Facebook every Sunday!
If you can’t make it here in person, we invite you to join us on Facebook.
You’ll find videos there of all of our services from the past year.
You can also find videos of Pastor Kevin’s sermons here on our website.

HUMC General Budget as of 7/31/21

Budget Expenses: $93,768.98
Contributions to Budget: $68,345.86
Net Income: -$25,422.57


June 20, 2021 – 53
June 27, 2021 – 50
July 4, 2021 – 45
July 11, 2021 – 58
Year to date average – 51

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests are updated here weekly.
You can always submit prayer requests to the church by phone or email or online here.

Ministries & Ways to get involved

Youth Unplugged 
HUMC’s Youth Group
Meets on Wednesday nights at 5:30

Bible Study (Faith Class)
Sunday School class for all ages
Meets at 9am in the Youth Room

Worship Servants 
Ushers, Greeters, Lay Readers, Media Booth, Nursery Volunteers

Rotary Teams
Rotary teams prepare a meal on Tuesday mornings for the Rotary Club of Highlands. If you can help, please call the office or talk to Thresa Hester, Sarah Stanley, Patsy Piceynski, or Laura Pledger.

Methodist Meals
Do you want to help feed the hungry in our community? Methodist Meals volunteers cook and deliver meals to people in the area on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Contact the office for details.

United Methodist Men & United Methodist Women
Both groups meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30. All are welcome to join for a night of fellowship and food! 
The next meeting will be August 17th.

Outreach Committee
Our outreach committee has just recently started meeting again, and they are full of ideas and eager to start making a real difference in our community. 
They hosted the 4th of July Tailgate with great success!
Chris and Jessica Moore are chair and vice chair.
They welcome any and all who would like to get involved in this important ministry.

Celebrating a Birthday

August 3, Maria Vaughan
August 4, Jennifer Fontenot
August 5, Janessa Gates
August 6, Jackie Bryant
August 10, Jared Bridwell
August 10, Camille Castillo
August 11, Judy Lancaster
August 16, Tena Emfinger
August 19, Susan Fritsche
August 20, Norman Cobb
August 20, Debbie Moore
August 21, Jennifer Allen
August 21, Tracy Keyes
August 22, Kenny Gates
August 23, Daniel Stone
August 25, Nikki Jack
August 25, Amy Law
August 27, Eric Henrichsen
August 28, Steve Norris
August 29, Steven Gates
August 30, Lori Hackfeld
August 31, Christopher Hirt
August 31, David Jack

Happy Anniversary

August 6, Steve & Sue Norris

August 10, Adrian & Linda Sonnier

August 14, Don & Roseanna Henrichsen


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